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Deep Red Paint


 These are simply suggestions and reminders from your Celebrity Makeup Artist on how to prepare for your appointment if you have a very important event coming up:

* Please wear a button down shirt so it is easy to change after your flawless makeup is finished

* A part of my services is prepping and taking care of your face. If you are coming from a busy day, have no fear - I am here.

* Some procedures like microblading take 25-30 days to heal, please advice with your professional providing the service. Please schedule any face treatments and procedures like eyebrow waxing, facials etc. at least a week prior to our appointment, we want to have a calm smooth canvas to work with. 

* Tanning - if you are planning on getting a spray tan, please plan that service at least a few days prior to our appointment. I recommend a test run if you are new to this service.  

* If you will be wearing contacts, please make sure to pop them in prior to our appointment


* I understand you have a busy life! If an emergency or schedule changes occur, I would be happy to reschedule your appointment depending on my availability. 

* 50% non-refundable retainer is due to secure your spot

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