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Nika with a client during a makeup experience


Hello Beautiful People, my name is Nika Geneva and you are about to dive into my story in the following lines... Are you ready?

     I grew up in a family of artists. By surrounding me with colors, paintings and sculptures every day, Art kindled a passion in my young creative heart. There was no question in my mind when my mom asked me what schools I was going to apply to, Art School was the answer (I am from Bulgaria, where we have vocational high-schools, so you can choose and study a specific major - similar to university). Very talented and determined, I prepared in a short couple of months and got accepted first on the list out of all candidates. My education presented the opportunity to explore all kinds of shapes, colors, and the human body, which grew my connection with Fine Arts even stronger. It also gave me a powerful head start in Makeup Artistry and confidence to work with all face types and skin tones. 

     Besides drawing, singing was my biggest passion at the time and still is to this very moment. I started working as a singer at a restaurant when I was 15, and founded a rock band at 16. My life became insanely busy attending high-school, working full time as a singer and performing with my band on weekends, which entailed singing 3 sets at the restaurant and then another 4 later at the rock club. I loved it! The biggest challenge was an agreement with my mom to maintain my A student status, so I can keep working. She was very serious and strict about education. It was not easy, but I fulfilled my side of the deal and so did she.

    Except for my mother who is my best friend and has been absolutely amazing every step of the way, I had no support from my family. I was ridiculed and told that to be a singer is not a real job, that I was embarrassing myself as if it was shameful to be on stage, wear makeup and sexy costumes, but most of all that I was crazy dreaming about a life in the USA. I persisted. It was definitely very challenging, but I DID NOT GIVE UP.

    Right after I finished high-school, a band extended an invite for me to travel abroad with them. Without a question or a doubt, I accepted immediately. That was when my career as a professional singer began. I kept landing gig after gig easily even when other musicians had been waiting months and years for the same jobs. I was hard working, I was really good at my job and I was able to learn songs incredibly fast, but above all I believed in myself and that anything is possible! At that time I started dabbling in the magic of manifestation (prayer or whatever you choose to call it, I believe they all mean the same thing) and belief without really knowing or understanding it fully. I felt the mind power inside of me and leaned into it...and it kept working in my favor. Later on when I encountered the books of John Kehoe, Jose Silva, Tony Robbins it all came full circle and started to make perfect sense.

    Throughout the years of traveling, mostly working on ships in Scandinavia, I kept being misunderstood and felt like a complete outsider, because I had big dreams. Most of my coworkers didn’t hesitate to tell me how crazy I was to think I’d move to the United States and perform on big stages… Until one day…the magic happened! I found out about a competition happening in Los Angeles (yes, the one in California U.S.A.) and there it was - my chance to get to my dream land! I applied and immediately got accepted, the time had finally come. Words can’t express how ecstatic I felt in that moment. In order to pay for this expensive endeavour, I accepted another tour in the UAE (singing with a band). Barely making it through the visa interview (in case you don't know it is a long challenging process) and having to spend all my money on the trip, I got on the plane with a heart full of dreams and $100 in my pocket.

    I took the leap simply BELIEVING the stars will align and work out in my favor. You know that saying "When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it” - my journey felt exactly like that. Like a puzzle that I was building by discovering one missing piece at a time driven by my will, strength and persistence. With a lot of help from friends and my mom I was able to stay in the country and start the process of becoming a Resident of California and later a US Citizen. My roommate at the time gave me her old car and introduced me to her boss, who gave me a chance to bartend at his bar located on a beautiful golf course. There I worked for a couple of years and met some of my best friends who are in my life till this very day.

I'd like to take you back to the beginning for a quick second. After only short couple of months from my arrival, I had the honor to be a part of a concert held at the Grammy Museum where I sang my heart out. I guess I wasn't so crazy after all. 

     My life took a turn in 2012 when I decided to pursue makeup artistry on professional levelThis next decision was easy - my new adventure was makeup school. I was introduced to a vast variety of techniques and products, which took my skill set to the next level and built a solid foundation to my artistic craft. My makeup instructor gifted me with the amazing opportunity to work on a feature film by inviting me to work with her, which ignited the start of my career as a Professional Makeup Artist.

     I enjoy being the person my clients trust with their look. I am happy to provide any type of support along with the highest quality personalized luxury makeup services, because I understand the pressure of performing in the spotlight.​ After exploring different avenues of the entertainment industry working on films, commercials, photoshoots, music videos, live broadcasting and creating personalized makeup experiences for high-profile clients I noticed that my makeup not only enhanced my client's natural features, but it helped boost their confidence and embrace their inner raw beauty which magically put a smile on their face.

     It would really make my day if by sharing my journey with the challenges and successes, you get inspired to dream big and follow your dreams! Life is truly in Your hands and it is really up to You to make things happen! If my story gives hope or motivates even one human being to pursue their dreams, my heart would be full!

    What I am passionate about ties deeply with my Mission to inspire, motivate and help as many people as I can to embrace their true raw beauty! Self Image is so important and goes so much deeper than you could imagine. How you feel and see yourself impacts your relationships (business and personal) leaves a print on your life and immediately shifts the way others perceive and treat you. The mindset and energy you carry in your heart and that beautiful brain of yours are proportionally connected to your success, because they align with the laws of attraction. 

     Now 13 years later after received my citizenship, living in Los Angeles and working with major companies, Academy Award winning actors, animators, producers, celebrities and politicians - looking back I know exactly how I got here.

      Throughout my life I have become a confidant to many (clients, friends, strangers) who needed help and felt comfortable to share their secrets and struggles. Exploring and learning about others helped me see where support is needed most. Remembering all the times I felt like an outsider, inspired the desire to offer support to others so they never feel alone. Knowing the importance of believing in myself and going after my dreams, I feel a calling to help you do the same and achieve your dream life. I created the Self Image Coaching program with a new dream - to inspire everyone to be who they want to be, take a chance, make a leap, and go for their dreams, because it IS possible, You just have to BELIEVE!

Learn more about the Self Image Coaching program and book a Complimentary Call, so we can find out if we are a match.

Welcome to a world of beauty and magic!​

Look in the mirror - You are beautiful!

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