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Hello Beautiful People, my name is Nika Geneva! Are you ready for my story?

   I grew up in a family of artists. By surrounding me with colors, paintings and sculptures every day, Art kindled a passion in my young creative heart. The decision to attend The Art School of Theater Design and Stagecraft in Bulgaria (one of a kind on the Balkans) came naturally. I had the opportunity to explore all kinds of shapes, colors, and the human body, which grew my connection with Fine Arts even stronger. My education gave me a powerful head start in Makeup Artistry and confidence to work with all face types and skin tones. 

  It would really make my day if you get inspired to dream big and follow your dreams! Life is truly in Your hands and it is really up to You to make things happen!

  This next decision was easy - following my heart and moving to Los Angeles only with a big dream and $100 in my pocket. With the support from my friends and mom the next adventure was makeup school. I was introduced to a vast variety of techniques and products, which took my skill set to the next level and gifted me an outstanding experience. Immediately after that I got invited to work on a feature film with my Makeup Instructor, which fired up the start of my career as a Professional Makeup Artist.

  I enjoy being the person my clients trust with their look, because I understand the pressure of performing in the spotlight.​ I am happy to be the moral support they need while providing the highest quality service. 

   What I am passionate about ties deeply with my Mission and it is to inspire, motivate and help my clients embrace their true raw beauty! Self Image is so important and goes so much deeper than you could imagine. How you feel and see yourself impacts your relationships (business and personal) leaves a print on your life and immediately shifts the way others perceive and treat you. The mindset and energy you carry in your heart and that beautiful brain of yours are proportionally connected to your success, because they with the laws of attraction. 

   Having personally grown up in a dysfunctional family, with scarcity mindset, never been accepted by my peers, moved to a whole different country with no job or accommodations, and going through my share of disastrous friendships and relationships not only opened my mind to learn how to change my life around, but inspired me to help others which is why I created The Self Image Coaching Program. You can learn more about it at the link below or book a Complimentary Call below so we can connect and chat.  

Welcome to a world of beauty and magic!​

Look in the mirror - You are beautiful!

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