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Deep Red Paint



how up for yourself with a Bang!

mbrace your raw inner Beauty

earn makeup and hair techniques 

eel sexy and confident in your skin



evel up your ability to set boundaries 

pen a new mindset to attract success

alue your worth and spark attention

xcite people to Believe in You

Nika Geneva


Weekly Live calls

scheduled with me via Google Meet and personalized support in between

Determining and setting your goals

we are going to work towards

Skincare and Beauty routine audit

personalized makeup product recommendations, tips and tricks, live demos

You need help picking the right hairstyle?

I’ve got you! From choosing your haircut to products, tools and how to style your hair fast and efficiently on a daily basis

Wardrobe and color matching

lets play with colors and styles to find the ones that compliment you best

How to pose for photos

and feel confident in front of the camera coaching

A deep dive into how you view yourself

we will focus and set you up to build a solid relationship with… well Yourself, in order to build successful relationships with others (business or personal)

What is amazing about you?

What are the things you’ve handled with flying colors in life and biz? Now lets focus on your walk, posture, self confidence and character


marketing coach, personal trainer, photographer, health coach, wardrobe stylist, books for support will be available by request

Lets chat so we could determine if we are a good fit!

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